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2019 is a year of new beginnings.
Sponsor a child. End the Orphan Cycle!

Meet The Children


David, Daniel, and Patrick Nelson took a trip to Haiti in 2012 that would forever change their lives. Since then, thousands of people have rallied together in partnership with i’m ME to tell the stories and change the lives of orphaned children in Haiti.

We believe in a day where millions of people around the globe are rallying for the orphaned children of our world.



Indigenous Empowerment- Those most affected by social problems, are in the best position to determine and execute solutions for it. Every program we run, is operated by locals on the ground.

Root of the Problem- In order to see true change, we must understand and address the underlying, systemic contributors to social problems.

Invest in the Beauty- We choose to focus on the potential and opportunity of those we serve. We aim to inspire others to partner with us to take actions that will change our world.

"Every Voice. Every Story. Every Person… MATTERS"

Your story. Your way.

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