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A special invitation…

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There seems to be a constant war within us about our acceptance in life and the thoughts that boggle our mind as to whether or not we belong. There’s a great search that exist around the world in every sphere of influence and among every culture that’s aimed towards identity. It’s crucial for each of us to determine where we place our identity. It’s in that place of knowing that all other areas of our life begin to pattern itself around. The longing within us to know we belong is not bound to a particular age. It begins as a child and slips into our being throughout each stage of life. There’s no shame in not knowing who you are or where you belong, but rather there is beauty covering the search. Along the way you will find your worth and your value. When you see those two, let them stick with you. They will become your foundation that everything else can be built upon. Oh, if we only saw the greatness that has been breathed into us from the beginning! We all have been given a destiny by the One who created us. He is a Designer. He is incredibly intentional about us. He is for us. He loves to give us the space to dream and help us find out who we are in Him.

Often, I feel there is a fear to search out who we are simply because we do not know what we will find. But now is the time to rise up, take courage, and become confident. It is time to realize that what lies within you is beautiful and needs to be let out. What would happen if you opened yourself up and let the light shine on you so everyone could see who you really are? No more hiding. There is no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed. When chaos surrounds you and anxiety fills your heart, take a moment to rest in this: at the end of the day all that matters is YOU BELONG. Your not alone in this journey. When other voices come at you trying to define who you are, you remind them of your worth. If you allow confidence to reign within you, you will not be shaken in that truth. Be free to be yourself. Freedom calls out looking for a heart that will allow it to dwell in. In freedom you are safe. In freedom you are welcomed. In freedom you are wanted. You can kick off your shoes, let down your hair, shout as loud as you want, and just BE!

One thing I love, is that the One who created me is always inviting me to discover more of who I am. It doesn’t stop with one revelation. With each new season is an invitation to go deeper. The process never has to be rushed. You can rest in the moment and simply enjoy the discovery. Unspeakable joy is a product of freedom reigning in us. Happiness is momentary but joy is eternal. When we KNOW we are free to be ourselves we begin to walk with a skip in our steps as joy swells up within. So, be you. Know who you are and know you belong. An invitation to know your greatness awaits you.

– Lauren

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