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Current State of i’mME

March 10


Living a life of giving and serving is like living life through a constant cycle of change. There are times of excitement and inspiration, times of testing and training, times of pain and pruning, times of rejoicing, and times of new beginnings.

New beginnings are beautiful, revealing, and adventurous. New beginnings mean the test has been passed and promotion is granted. And that’s precisely where we find ourselves as an organization in Haiti. We are getting to behold the beauty of all things new. For instance: our After School Creative Arts Program has launched and we are activating creativity and expression in the lives of 200 young people everyday; a new season of vision trips has begun, bringing new hearts for us to pour into and new perspective to be awakened; a new way to assess the growth of our kids through spiritual investment, journaling, arts and crafts, play, and therapy.

New influence has come in the form of indigenous support from local Haitian business owners and governmental figures. New revelation has been birthed into the hearts of our missionaries to embolden, uplift and empower the Haitian people.

Lastly, new favor is beginning to be poured over us as we walk deeper into fulfilling the vision placed on our hearts. This new beginning is bringing refreshing life to all those who are a part of the operations in Haiti. It’s bringing hope and assurance of good things to continue. This new beginning is setting the tone for how we move and have our being in a foreign land. We can celebrate with joy in our hearts and confidence that our work is not done in vain.

In this current state we are finding a greater capacity to love each other as a family. Our attention is being focused inwardly to uplift and encourage each other. Our companionship is strengthened, unifying our hearts as we peer out together into uninhabited territory. We see what is available for us to conquer, and walk into unchartered territory staking our claim of freedom through family.

Our hope is that you join us as we celebrate the grace given to us in the form of new beginnings. It is time for the influence of i’mME to be spread open and set hearts ablaze. We have been tested, we have been pruned, and we are ready to see BRILLIANT things ensue. We will see hearts healed, sons and daughters identified, and fathers returning to their homes. Here we go!!!

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