I Left My Heart in Haiti


I’ve always thought the popular saying “I left my heart in ____” (fill in your designated place) was cheesy. Adorned on bumper stickers, novelty t-shirts, coffee mugs, you name it. We constantly claim to have left our heart somewhere, multiple places even.

After making the decision to go on an I’mME Vision Trip with my bible study group of Preserve the Light members I was overwhelmed with anticipation. It would be my first trip abroad that was not a vacation or family visit. What would I experience? What would the people be like? Would I see or maybe feel God’s presence?

Never did I think of what consequences could come from that decision. I have to say, I may have paid a higher price than I ever imagined, because I left my heart in Haiti. I left a piece in the mountains of Kenscoff, the crumbled stones and red dirt of the trails that gave way to sporadic blades of grass. I left a piece at Kingdom Kids, in the walls that witness learning and growing and changing. I left a piece at the playground, with the squeaking of the metal chain swings. Most of all, I left it with the people who so lovingly welcomed us into their homes, lives, and testimonies.

I paid a price by going to Haiti. But I didn’t come home empty handed. Through serving meals, teaching English, dancing, giggling, testing fears and limits, language barriers, and worshiping on the roof under the stars, I brought back the ultimate richness of God’s love. Witnessing strangers embrace and songs being sung in different languages opened my eyes to a new, more full kind of love. I learned that God does not speak one particular language, but all. He speaks in smiles, in hugs, in dancing. And He speaks to the deepest part of you.

I’m not interested in the surface stuff anymore. I’m not interested in only the bumper sticker. I may wear my Haiti jewelry and t-shirts more than any other item in my closet now, but it’s only because I want you to ask me about it. I want you to understand what taking a risk for God means. I want to share with you the new and refreshed faith that I was able to take back with me. I could talk and write for hours about every experience that was offered to us in Haiti, but seeing it for yourself is worth so much more. This video is the best way that I know how to show you why I left my Heart in Haiti. And I am so happy to never be fully at home again.

With Love,