I want pure oxygen

A letter to my former self: I spy a deficiency of confidence in your atmosphere. A rare occurrence of lack being more noticeable than abundance. The problem isn’t the absence of worth, beauty, or talent, but in the awareness their reality. I will not attempt to help you find your hidden skill or purpose. My intent is to expose the availability, in your 2-foot circumference we know as personal space, of creativity and individuality. I am diagnosing you as being in denial of the creative power you possess. Yes I said it, you have the power to create. And creation protrudes from this realization.

Suppose you were addicted to an illusion that kept you grounded instead of inhaling the helium of who you are. Inhaling identity allows you to exhale creation. However, accepting depravity keeps you hidden and baron. The truth about who you are does more than release a serving of confidence, it unleashes the roaring water within you to burst forth life. You can breathe life onto a best selling book, a virtuoso performance, or a brilliant invention. It’s not up to you to figure out what you can do to be noticed. That mentality validates a poorly built structure of individuality. Creation is about adoring beauty, then adorning it with something beautiful. You don’t create while considering inadequacy, but while leaking admiration. This means you have to admire yourself, then your hands will drip with the oil of innovation. When you are enthralled with the you you possess the atmosphere of identity is released. I’m not telling you to like the way your inability to draw, I’m telling you to compliment your strengths. I want you to overload your mind with passionate awe each time you do something good. Is your mind flooded with negativity to the point to where you can’t seem to rid yourself of it? I wish I can tell you that it will all evaporate and be no more. I’d rather skip my “self help” tactics and make you believe that negativity has no power. Unfortunately I know, however true that statement is, it is not a reality that governs your life. Therefore, I tell you to raise a mountain. Stack positivity on top of positivity so exaggeratingly so, that the existence of negativity is no longer within sight or influence. Create a platform to stand on to give people permission to notice. Create an unconditional love relationship between your mind and your inner beauty, that it will force its way into the aura of your presence. Create an atmosphere of inspiration and passion that it the will drip onto whatever you put your hands to. The influence of negativity sucks out the innovative power of inspiration. Be inspired by the endless beauty within you, and no longer give negative thoughts the power to halt it’s eternal efflorescence.