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Love Has a Presence

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Extravagant. Unconditional. Caring. Relentless. Faithful. Passionate. Willing. Bold. Expressive. Tender. Motivating. Inspiring. Conquering fear. Patient. Kind. Steadfast. When you encounter any of these, you are encountering the fruit of love. Do you realize you were created for love? You were meant to experience love expressed through words and actions. You were meant to be motivated through the revelation that you are loved. Passion. What does it look like? When I hear this word, I think of a blazing flame that can’t be put out. It is alive! It is active, moving all directions! It warms even the coldest heart. When you lock eyes with someone who has passion, it stirs something within you. It awakens a desire.

The Father is described to have eyes that burn with desire for me and for you. Do you realize you are a dream in His heart? Whether or not you know His name, He knows yours. He knows you. He created you. The mystery of who God is, is simple: LOVE. Love created you so that you would know what love is, what love looks like, how love is expressed. Living from the knowledge that you are loved is different from living from the revelation that you are loved. Revelation defined is this: the divine or supernatural disclosure to humans of something relating to human existence or the world. Existence. When you realize you exists because of love, lies begin to fall off. The world will tell you off and put unreachable, unattainable expectations on you. The Father will say to you, “Come as you are.” Real Love. The world will tell you many things then turn around and backstab you. The Father will affirm you, extend a helping hand when you fall, and run the course with you. Real Love. The world will breathe out accusations on you, while He breathes out love so you can breathe it in. Real Love. He doesn’t have to work up an emotion to operate from. He loves unconditionally, eternally, radically, and wholly.

Love has a presence. It is like a family room. You are welcomed in as yourself. It’s the place where you are FREE. It is the divine invitation that never ends because you are wanted. You can kick off your shoes, let down the walls that may have been built from the outside, rest, dance, and flow as yourself in that space. The Father isn’t looking for you to walk into the room trying to be someone else. He wants you as you are. In that atmosphere there is no fear of failure. In fact, there is no fear at all. When you lock eyes with love, everything else begins to fade away. Your worries dissipate. Raw trust swells up in your soul and you find yourself returning the love. It is easy to return when you see the truth of what it is. When you let it in, it begins to move all through your veins and causes your feet to dance. It awakens your soul, fills your mouth with songs, breaks barriers that were formed, makes the mask fall off, causes confidence to arise, and finally you realize you are alive.

In our society it is easy to get caught up in the momentary of life. But let us not look at love as something momentary. It is eternal. If it were given the right opportunity, it has the potential to take your life to a level you didn’t know possible. You will discover who you are and fall in love with who you’ve been created to be. Let love in. It is worth it. Priceless. Captivating. Moving. Strong. Radical. Comforting. Genuine. Real love.

– Lauren

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