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Love is a Promotion


The reciprocation of love is more ferocious than a blazing fire. The truest forms of love are always accompanied by persistent intentions. Persistent as the waves of a seemingly eternal ocean source that hit the shore time after time. Imagine, the initial force that creates a tsunami.

My brother said something very interesting to me lately that got me thinking. He said it’s not enough to simply “pay it forward.” I agree bro, it’s the source of our actions that bring about the greatest change. It’s when we allow ourselves to be propelled by the source, is when we reach the highest heights. On our own, we go only as far as our gas tank will allow us (what a stinky journey). I’d rather choose to inhabit the clouds.

Now, back to this love thing. I liken it to a deep well that overflows without reserve. We are often only comfortable loving as a reaction. When a need arises in a person our “love” tries to blanket or comfort. What if we instead loved to promote? Freely you have been given, therefore freely give. Jesus said that if you drink of the water I give you, you will never thirst again. After all, the water he gives you will become a spring of water welling up to eternal life (you can find that in the bible :)). It just doesn’t seem to me from this statement that He was interested in a subtle transfer of sympathy. He wanted the depth of his eternal love to consume and promote all those he encountered. Man what a cool job!! Just walking around handing out promotions…
“Hey man, do you see what I see? Oh, sorry, here take my hand and come up where I am. You see it now? Don’t you wish everyone could see this?”…

I so get it now. Believe me, I hate cliche sayings. However, giving someone a hand up rather than a hand out is so stinking profound. You are stable in your position, and you are capable of upgrading someone else. This is kingdom. This is reciprocation on an eternal scale. Jesus wanted people to inhabit a place where he dwelt, and to have the same perspective as he did. It’s always an invitation to come up higher. After all he desires union, and he came down here so He can bring you up there #freeupgrade. He says I adopted you as my son, I married you as my bride, and sat you with me as my brother #howcanyouevendothat. Through union we have community with this God, and through community with others this God establishes his kingdom #family. We go from fighting earthly battles to reigning on high #loveisapromotion

– Patrick

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