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Our CEO’s response to the ESPN feature…

September 25


When my brothers and I first started this organization, we decided to put little emphasis on goals and promised to always focus on the NOW. This allows us to appreciate the moment, and enjoy the journey. Today, we celebrate with you and thank you for all the support since the ESPN video hit your televisions.

Your comments and support have been incredibly encouraging and overwhelming. I have enjoyed opening my social media accounts and reading your posts. What I appreciate the most is you didn’t make me out to be some hero or role model, you credited the children as your inspiration. I am grateful for that. My prayer is that when you see i’mME’s name or logo- you see the faces of the children we serve. It’s not about me. It’s not about Patrick. We are simply ordinary men who have the honor of having a front row seat to life transformation, redemption, restoration, and awakening.

I made a statement in the feature that the greatest human need is love. I stand by that comment with all of my heart. Love transcends time, language, and differences. The encounter I had with that little boy 3 years ago is a glowing example of that. No words were needed to release and receive love. In that moment, the little boy was not worried about what he was going to eat that night, where he was going to sleep, or where his family was. All that mattered to him in that short time was embracing love.

It has been said to me on numerous occasions- “I can’t relate to an Orphan child in Haiti.” I can understand that, but let me ask you: How empowered do you feel when someone tells you they BELIEVE IN YOU? What does it feel like to know that YOU MATTER to someone? How encouraged do you feel when you have people behind you who will SUPPORT YOU, regardless of the outcome? How hard will you fight for someone you love, and also LOVES YOU back? Up until the time we rescued them, our children never experienced any of that. Those children were deprived of the emotional stimulants that propel us to our purpose and greatness. I believe every child deserves to be a part of that, and because of that I will boldly proclaim a simple promise- any child that we bring in will always be in an atmosphere of love, support, and encouragement at all times.

We are proud of the programs we have implemented in Haiti, but our primary focus is on the hearts of the people we serve. I pray we never become emotionally calloused to the powerful stories of perseverance, triumph, and determination in our pursuit of making our dreams a reality. This goes back to staying in the now and cherishing the relationships we encounter along the journey.

In the near future, we are working on delivering beautiful stories of hope and joy among the Haitians. I am passionate about giving a voice to the voiceless, and I hope these stories will expose the beauty of the Haitian People. In addition, we plan on spotlighting Americans who are stepping up in big ways to bridge the gap for the Orphans.

I am so fired up for the immediate future here at i’mME. We have made large strides as an organization in just a short amount of time. Your support the past few days have been confirmation that we’re continuing to gain steam. I had one lady send me a message that read:

“The ESPN feature lit a fire in my heart that has never burned brighter. It helped me realize that I can use my passions to make a difference in this world. You’re making a difference. Thank you for reminding me that I can make a difference as well.”

Yes, I strongly believe we are making a difference, but we have to continue to press on. Empowering a generation of orphan children will take a collective effort. If we all bring our individual gifts and talents to the table, we will end the orphan cycle. Let us dream together of ways to use our passions and abilities to save lives.

In closing, I want to invite each and every one of you to Haiti. I don’t want to tell you about the hope, joy, and beauty that resides there- I want to show you. We have vision trips planned for the spring, and we’d love the opportunity to showcase all that Haiti has to offer.

I’ll see you at the dinner table in Haiti.

With Love,


I want to specifically thank you. You exhausted every possible resource to tell our story. You overturned every stone and sparred no expense to capture the heartbeat of our organization. Going to Haiti wasn’t the easy option, but you made it a priority. Because of that, my 9 beautiful children were able to shine on a national stage. I cannot thank you enough, and will forever look back to this as the moment that propelled our organization to new heights.

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