What is “Royalty”?


What is it that actually defines royalty? If I were to take a survey on someone’s first response from people after hearing this word, the majority would answer as such: Someone of high power/position, who wears a crown, who has wealth and who carries themselves highly due to their position.

As a little girl, I remember reading about fairy tales. You often find a division of class between the “poor” and the “rich”. I think of Cinderella. She was a girl who experienced the death of her biological mother and father, and was left to family who could careless about her. She was forced to be a house slave and was constantly made fun of. So often this is our case. Even if we haven’t lost our parents, we have experienced feeling lost, abandoned, our hearts have been broken, everything can get robbed from us, and the list could go on.

The last few days I keep hearing this word in my heart. What really defines royalty? It’s not about the crown you may or may not have, or the material possession you have obtained, or where you came from. It’s about who you are. You are the most valuable being alive. No material possession could ever compare to you.

I look around at the kids we have. I look around at the house we have provided for them, the gifts they’ve been given, the bed they get to sleep in, and the food they get to eat, and my heart is full. They were pulled out of lifestyle in which they had been labeled an outcast. They were devalued. They were the poor and the broken. We don’t have a palace or crowns, but what we do have is genuine love and eyes to see the value and worth they possess within them.

This reminds me of how the Father sees us. Through the same model, He adopts us into His family. He does the same thing. Without His love, there is a void within us, in which we seek to fill with other things. But once we know He accepts us in as we are, it changes everything. I’ve experienced so much brokenness in my life, I’ve struggled with seeing my value and believing that I was worth being pursued and loved. The Father didn’t just “see past that.” He saw my struggle. He looked right at me in my mess. He saw how low I placed myself. But He is rich in love. So much so, He saw my worth and called it out. He never told me “go get yourself together and then I’ll take you.” He said, “Let me meet you where you’re at and lets do this together.” He always sees exactly where we are and welcomes us into His vast kingdom and invites us in saying, “what’s Mine is also yours.” He is rich in love, abundant in mercy, and overflowing with joy.

We are all born to know that royalty Himself designed us. From the beginning of time, it’s been His desire for us to be as close to Him as possible. We were birthed into existence, with His intentions directed towards us being with Him. Instead of letting yourself get walked over, know your worth and walk from that assurance. Created by royalty and fashioned to fit that mold by just being you. Doesn’t matter where you come from, what family, you were born into, or what your past contains, you are seen and accepted. You are royalty.