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Missions have tasks, goals, or objectives that are meant to be accomplished, and the mission is either successful or a failure based on the accomplishment. The term mission also encourages a “beginning and end” mentality, meaning the mission begins when you get to Haiti, and ends when you arrive back home. We chose the word Visionbecause it’s our prayer that you will “see” things from a different perspective. You won’t change Haiti in 7 days, but if you allow it to, Haiti can and will change you. AVision Trip is meant to help you see past your comfort, limitations, experiences, doubts, fears, and selfishness.. and catch the vision that there is so much greatness in you that you never knew existed. 


i’mME Vision Trips to Haiti for participants are all about discovering God’s vision for the country, how they can partner with i’mME in helping bring that vision into reality, a greater sense of personal identity within God’s kingdom, and how to walk into God’s calling for them with clearer vision and strategy. 

While on the ground, participants have the opportunity to share their faith to a poor and remote village, feed children who only eat three meals a week, explore the beautiful scenes Haiti has to offer, facilitate VBS activities at i’mME’s orphanage, worship Jesus on roof and mountaintops, and participate in nightly devotions. i’mME employs an extremely intentional Haitian staff to facilitate the trip, answer questions in detail as they arise, ensure the safety of the participants, and to effectively translate the local language. Participants will enjoy a very interactive itinerary, with strategic downtime implemented for personal reflection and recovery from the extreme elements.


Vision Trips are 7 full days of adventure, eye – opening experiences, and memories that will last for a lifetime. You will get to see the kids from our Children’s Home, visit our After School Program site, see the beauty of Haiti (this involves a trip to the mountains/beach), and serve the community that we live in.


Do you have a group of 8 or more wanting to come on a Vision Trip with i’mME? We have special trips designed just for you and your team! From youth groups to College football teams, we love having large groups come to Haiti with us! If you would like the trip dates for our special teams or have inquires on this, shoot us an email.

Please view 2020 trip dates here (more to be added):

  • April 3rd - 9th
  • June 5th - 11th
  • July 24th - 30th
  • September 18th - 25th


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The total cost of your trip is $800. The amount includes transportation, accommodations and meals at our guesthouse while
in Haiti. This amount, however, does not include your flights to Haiti- you are responsible for getting yourself to Port-au-Prince.

**We require a $150 deposit to hold your spot, and the trip be paid in full no later than 4-weeks prior to trip date. This deposit is
non-refundable. The deposit will save your spot on the trip.


As a mission trip participant, you will be surrounded by many smiling, young faces. Their security and well-being is our top
priority and as such we ask that you please fill out a standard criminal disclosure form found below.

Your health and protection is also very important to us, but like all things, sometimes accidents happen. It's not uncommon
that you'll pick up a hammer and miss the nail or be so overcome with joy that you pass out. So love at your own risk and
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* Please complete both of the forms and email them to visiontrips@imme.org.

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