Our Mission

With over 160 million orphans worldwide, it’s evident there is an orphan crisis. What has been ignored is the fact that over 80% of these children, have a mother or father alive somewhere. Instead of addressing the symptom, i’mME is focused on addressing the root of problem- Ending the Orphan Cycle through family.

Job Creation, Education, and Family Preservation are the cornerstones of our mission. Instead of mothers and fathers placing their children in institutions, we seek to provide jobs so parents are able to keep their kids. Education is a powerful weapon to combat poverty and oppression, and we are committed to implementing enriching and creative environments on the ground. We believe in the power of family, and we are devoted to strengthening, re-unifying, and developing the family structure.

We are focused on a long-term investment by partnering with locals on the ground. All of our programs and efforts will be run indigenously, with the mindset of empowerment and sustainability.

Mom’s and Dad’s want to keep their kids. Most of the time they have no other alternative, its either abandon their children of face death. We exist to be that alternative, and be a vessel of hope, opportunity, and value for families everywhere.