Orphan Care

Our ORPHAN CARE model is set up to place no more than 8 children in each individual family home, and to instill in them biblical values while equipping them with all the necessary life skills to contribute to society. Before they can affect lasting change in their community, they must first know who they are in Jesus Christ. We hope to empower everyone who has a part in our ministry to be able to confidently say “i’mME.”

This care is focused in five main elements of care. Each area plays a significant part in every child’s well being


We believe the most important investment we can make into our kids is biblical truth. The power of the gospel and the spirit of adoption breaks off the orphan spirit, promotes them to overcome every trial, and ushers them into the fullness of sonship. We teach the Bible, worship nightly, pour into each of them individually, and help them perceive their emotions and circumstances with a heavenly lens.


The key to promoting health in children, especially orphaned children, is creating secure attachments. All of our kids feel safe to express their emotions and feeling with our caregivers, and feel that their interests, endeavors, passions and dreams are supported. They are free to explore their creative individuality, knowing that they have a secure loving mother/father figure who will always be there.


We have trained doctors and trauma specialists who have taken our caregivers through a modified caregiver training. We also have local counselors who come and visit our kids and give them psychological assessments. A strong mind and a strong thought-life are essential elements that contribute to success.


Our kids are given a healthy, balanced diet consisting of 3 square meals a day. They engage in sports and recreation at least 60 minutes a day. We ensure they are getting enough rest each night with a minimum of 9 hours of sleep. They get monthly medical checkups and are taken to a local physician as needed. Strong oral and bodily hygiene are demanded each day from our amazing caregiver staff.


Our kids attend private schools that are specifically chosen to fit the unique needs of each child. We provide individual tutors for each of our kids, and provide creative arts activity once a week. Our kids travel around the country to gain exposure to culture, learn about various social demographics, and obtain fresh perspective.