Sa Voix

Part of our stewardship vision is creating sustainability through job creation. Sa Voix is the social business of i’mME that is seeing this vision implemented.

| Sa Voix exists to help young women in Haiti find their voice through the arts |

who we are

Sa Voix is a socially conscious brand creating unique, marble painted accessories from locally sourced leather in Haiti. Each piece is one of a kind, hand painted and sewn by our creatives in Port Au Prince, Haiti. As a brand, Sa Voix provides employment, education and leadership training to women between the ages of 19-27.

quality of our collective

We operate as a business with the goal to instill values and vision into each of the ladies we work with. Our collective is a community of women who dream big and support each other along the way. As a business, we provide opportunities for each woman to finish high school & / or go on to complete a trade school program. We provide above a living wage to each of our employees.

100% handmade

Each piece is hand painted through a marble painting process. We use locally sourced leather to create our products & each piece is sewn by hand, with love and care from one of our women. Each piece is completely unique from any other, just like yourself. 


“we believe when given permission
to be heard we gain the power to grow.”


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