Tips for Better Essay Writing Skills

Posted by Wendy Bolm

During the student life, essays are going to be an essential component of your body of academic tasks. They are concomitantly subversive writing tests and a method of further fortifying one’s writing skills if needed. Professional essay writing services have made it much easier to fulfill such tasks without raising as much as a single finger. They are either last resorts or first choices. These services are, indeed, godsend help, but before you rely on them, ask yourself if you’ve done everything you could to boost your essay writing skills. Here’s a list of things you can do improve them.

1. Plan the essay out

Write the keywords on a piece of paper, research and expand them. Think of how those keywords could fuel the entire essay and how you can use them effectively in getting the job done. A combination of a good planning and a topic you hold dear is the greatest facilitator of writing.

2. Write a draft

Write anything that crosses your mind in relation to the topic you were given. It will give you a clearer look on how each idea connects with the other ones. After that, develop them into paragraphs and see which can be incorporated in the final paper. If they’re faulty, don’t worry, you can modulate them properly.

3. The thesis statement

The thesis statement is nothing but the objective of your paper. What are you trying to prove by writing it? This has to be the first thing you write on the final paper so that readers know what your paper is all about.

4. The indispensable trinity of writing: introduction, body, conclusion

The introduction is the natural follow-up of the thesis statement. It must be an attention-grabber, in order to lure the reader. You can expand the statement by going a little deeper into it. The body is where you show your arsenal of ideas that support your paper, where you explain everything concisely to the reader; you must make anyone who reads the paper feel like they’ve learned something from it. The conclusion: it doesn’t seem like it, but the conclusion is one of the most important parts of a well-written essay. This is where you prove that your ideas were interconnected properly. You can do it just by writing the main points of your essay and how they support your thesis.

5. Proofread the final product at least two times
Even the most experienced writers are prone to slipping grammatical errors in what they write. Review the structure of your essay (paragraphs, placement of keywords, alignment, etc.), keep your eyes peeled for incorrect formulations, misnomers, long phrases that you could break into clearer sentences and grammatical inconsistencies. There are free proofreading services out there and also online plagiarism tests. Pass your essay through them before submitting it to your professor. That’s how you can rest assured that your paper is in its greatest condition.

Believe it or not, essays are the easiest academic tasks, because they represent your own personal view on a certain topic. You have a lot more freedom of expression than it a research paper, for example, where you have to reinforce every idea with critical elements. Great essay writing skills are the product of constant exercise and relaxed approaches to the topics. It doesn’t help you at all to lose your calm. But on the other side of the coin, if you are still in doubt with your writing abilities, you can rely on a service that can get it done. There is no shame in that. 

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